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10:34 am on Friday May 31, 2013

Beaufort's first Dragon Boat Race Day coming

Beaufort's first ever Dragon Boat Race Day to combat cancer is coming on July 20th at the Waterfront Park during the annual Water Festival.
11:52 am on Thursday May 23, 2013

Design is in for the 58th Annual Beaufort Water Festival t-shirt

This year's is by local artist Mary Thibault. 
11:30 am on Wednesday July 18, 2012

It's Water Festival time in downtown Beaufort and business is good

Flickr user somethingstartedcrazy It's no surprise that the annual Beaufort Water Festival is very good for business, but WTOC 11 did a periodic checkup to confirm, and, yes, year-round downtown merchants and restaurants are loving it. In part: "It...
2:45 am on Saturday July 14, 2012

Firework photos from opening night at the Beaufort Water Festival

Flickr user Haroc Flickr user "haroc" was down at the Waterfront Park for Friday's opening Water Festival events and captured some great shots of the fireworks. He was good enough to share them under a Creative Commons license, so you can see them...
5:44 am on Wednesday July 11, 2012

Photos of the Beaufort Water Festival from years past

Sgt. Heikkinen via Bluffton Today A 1973 photo of the U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps as they prepare for the Water Festival. Reprinting photos from past Beaufort Water Festivals, Bluffton Today is offering up a visual recap of Beaufort's iconic...
4:26 am on Sunday July 17, 2011

Saturday at the Beaufort Water Festival (and what's happening Sunday)

Th Water Festival is well under way, and the weather was much better on Saturday than it was for the drizzly opening night. From bocce ball, to a raft race, live music, food, and more, a good time prevailed.  The Island Packet has a swell group of...
12:16 am on Saturday July 16, 2011

Rain rain go away, the Beaufort Water Festival is on (with photos)

A bit of rain to help kick off the Beaufort Water Festival is really nothing new to those who are the most faithful to the annual 10-day event. It seems there's always a drizzle, or at least the threat of one. The raiin was off and on tonight, but...
11:05 am on Thursday July 15, 2010

July in Beaufort means Water Festival (here's the day-by-day schedule)

If you're from Beaufort, have ever been to Beaufort or have simply just heard of Beaufort you know that July means one thing in Beaufort, and it's Water Festival. The 55th installment of the Water Festival kicks off tomorrow with fireworks and the...