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7:55 am on Wednesday October 10, 2012

South Carolina State Fair opens today in Columbia

South Carolina State Fair on Facebook Fried foods, carnival rides, entertainment, plentiful people watching opportunities, and more fried foods are all part of the annual spectacular we call the South Carolina State Fair.  It opens today in Columbia...
5:26 am on Thursday October 13, 2011

South Carolina State Fair started this week

Flickr user bobdole369 Going strong since 1869, this year's South Carolina State Fair kicked off this past Tuesday, October 11th for a 12-day run.  Besides classic rides like the Tilt-a-Whirl, Gravitron, and ferris wheel, the S.C. State Fair has a...
9:57 am on Wednesday October 13, 2010

S.C. State Fair kicks off today (w/map of food vendors)

Flickr user thecolonel The South Carolina State Fair kicks off at 3 p.m. today and runs through Oct. 24, and the most important question is: "What are you going to eat?" The (Columbia) State has got you covered as far the eats go with a pretty OK...
10:03 am on Monday October 20, 2008

Worker killed on final day of state fair

A worker was struck and killed by The Inverter ride on Sunday afternoon, the final day of the South Carolina State Fair. No one was on the ride at the time. The ride holds some 30 people that are flipped upside down, here's a video of it in action...