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8:20 am on Sunday April 28, 2013

Making history the past: Gentrification's effects on Charleston's neighborhoods

Jenna Lyles writes about the waves of gentrification in downtown Charleston, and the fears that the process erodes a neighborhoods identity and history.
3:21 am on Friday November 18, 2011

Gentrification and Charleston's shrinking black population

Image by Flickr user peterme Charleston has seen a wave of restoration and new construction, but along with it many of the older generations have been priced out of the community. While Charleston has seen much benefit from the restoration and new...
5:16 am on Saturday September 24, 2011

Gentrification bill allows annexation (and tax hikes) without asking property owners

Dayland Shannon The bill named the "Community Unification Act" is being lobbied by the Municipal Association of South Carolina. The MASC is touting the bill as a way to remove some red tape when it comes to gentrification projects. They've been...
6:07 am on Friday July 25, 2008

Is the Neck back in business?

Area businesses are touting the Charleston Neck area as having returned from the dead. Many are moving to the area, looking for new clients and more space. And 'Army Wives' is even shooting there. They all say traffic has grown noticeably in the...