Call for submissions to area musicians to performing during '13 Cooper River Bridge Run

Image by Flickr user visual.dichotomy

The Music Initiative has partnered with the 2013 Cooper River Bridge Run, and the search has begun for 20 bands to perform along the 10K race route.

Stages will be located roughly every 1/3rd of a mile throughout the length of the race, extending from Mt. Pleasant Coleman Bi-Lo to Marion Square. Musicians have always been a part of the race, but this year the race will be musically curated to help the runners reach maximum adrenaline levels.

Bands or musicians interested in participating are asked to submit two songs by January 15th to There will be compensation for each band’s time and performance.

Due to the magnitude of the event, certain application restrictions do apply:

  • Only those bands made up of duos, trios, or foursomes should apply.
  • Only upbeat genres/ tempos will be accepted.
  • Bands will be performing to roughly 40,000 runners, thus it is of vital importance that their music be energetic and uplifting so as to provide those participating, as well as those looking on, with the most positive atmosphere possible!
  • Each band will need to be able to be present on April 6th from 6 to 11 a.m. Within these time frames, some bands will play earlier and finish earlier; some bands will play later and finish later. Everyone must be available for the full 5 hours.
  • Each band will need to provide their own PA system.
  • Each band must be able to play a combination of covers songs and original tunes.