Profile of an artist: 'Indigo child' Arianne King Cromer

Image by Flickr user Arianne King Cromer

Charleston Magazine has a wonderful artist profile on Arianne King Comer, a self procliamed "indigo child" whose work with ancient techniques of indigo dyeing and batik are unparalleled in the Lowcountry.

King Cromer's works depict Gullah ancestors and plantation life based on state archived pictures, which tell stories that she feels connect to her own mixed heritage.

The Howard University graduate began her career as art teacher at a California mental hospital, moved on to a youth detention center in Detroit, then overseas in 1992 when she received a grant from the United Nations to study batik under celebrated Nigerian artist Nike Olyani Davis.

Now settled in the Lowcountry, King Cromer's work has appeared at the Waterfront Gallery and the Old City Jail.

Hop over to the piece to learn more about one very talented artist's incredible journey.