Beaufort vies to be a Top 25 Arts Destination (update: in!)

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Update May 26: Thanks to the community's support, Beaufort has landed at an impressive number 16 on the list of "Top 25 Small Cities" by American Style magazine.

Coming in at one and two were Asheville, N.C., and Santa Fe, N.M., respectively. 

Check out the full list here.

First reporting: American Style magazine has released its 2011 ballot for the nation's Top 25 Arts Destinations, and Beaufort is looking to maintain its ranking among the nation's best. 

But Beaufort can't stay at  the top without your help.

Starting today you can vote for Beaufort in the Small Cities for Contemporary Art category.

You can find the American Style ballot here.

Voting ends March 5.

Update March 1: Just four days left!